Macau City

About Macau

Macau - a place located in south of People's Republic of China. It lies due west from Hong Kong and is filled with casinos and giant malls. It's most well known as Asia's very own Las Vegas. Macau is truly a place of its own, with its wide array of famous and prestigious hotels and casinos. It's been developing since the end of the Portuguese colonization. Macau's rich culture and various historical architectures are also why it is currently rising to the top as one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

The city is filled with many different cultures, art, religions and more which are mostly made up of Chinese, Westerners and et cetera. World-class events are also sometimes held in Macau which makes it even more of a place everyone needs to visit. The city's most well-known landmarks includes the Ruins of St.Paul's which is frequently visited by tourists from all around the world, the Macau Tower which is strikingly beautiful during night. Macau is currently focusing on becoming the best tourist attraction in the World and has already won numerous titles.


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Fireworks in Macau
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Sands Casino
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Ruins of St. Paul's